ReColor Paints

ReColor Paints was founded in 2009 by two women in Massachusetts with backgrounds in painting, design and biochemistry who recognized a need to make use of surplus paint (which by many estimates amounts to tens of millions of gallons a year in the US). The goal is to provide an environmentally friendly paint product, using post-consumer materials.

Collecting leftover paint from cities and towns, property managers, paint contractors, business owners and homeowners. Utilizing a process that involves rigorous screening and quality control, they produce a paint that is 100% recycled content, the highest recycled content available, thereby maximizing environmental benefits such as, natural resource conservation, reduction of waste, reduction of air and water pollution and a reduced need for landfill space. ReColor paint, produced under their Recolor® brand is a great value for a greener future.

ReColor Premium Interior Latex Paint (1gal: $29 – 5gal: $93*)


ReColor Premium Exterior Latex Paint (1gal: $33 – 5gal: $110)


ReColor Chalk Paint (1qt: $26)

*not in stock for all colors.

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