Massive 4 Day Easter Sale – up to 75% off

Come and join us to celebrate our Massive 4 Day Easter Sale!  Shop in our Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Leominster, MA and discover incredible savings this week:

25% off  – ReColor  & Greensheen Latex Paint
25% off  – New Vinyl & Laminate Flooring
50% off  – All other Merchandise*)
75% off  – Upholstery**

*except New Kitchen Cabinets. **except blue price labels. Reduction is taken at checkout. Egg Hunt Discount (valid only on April 9, 2022 from 10am until 12pm) will be applied to the total sum of your purchase and cannot be combined with any additional discount.

Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt

How does the ReStore Easter Egg Hunt work?

We hide 100 colored plastic eggs on Saturday, April 9, 2022 from 10am until 12pm  in our ReStore during the Massive 4 Day Easter Sale from April 6-9, 2022.  The yellow eggs have a number inside which translates to either a $25 ReStore Gift Card or an extra Discount of 5%, 10% or 25% of your total purchase.  For all colored eggs, you receive a Cookie Cutter Set worth $30 and you can choose between different sweet Easter treats.

  1. Hunt for one (1) yellow egg and four (4) other colored eggs and hand those eggs to the volunteer when you are done with your shopping.
  2. For the yellow egg, the cashier will look for the number on our master sheet and reveal your hunting result.
  3. For the other colored eggs, the cashier will give you the Cookie Cutter Set and show you the different sweet treats you can choose from.

 Please note:

  • One hunt (1 yellow and 4 colored eggs) per family!  Please make sure your children stop hunting after 5 eggs are found so that other families can have some fun as well.
  • We hide 100 eggs in the store, once all eggs are found the hunt is over.  We make sure that the eggs will be visible to children.  Please don’t climb on shelving.
  • The extra discount is in addition to our Massive 4 Day Easter Sale (posted on Monday, April 4, 2022) and must be used between 10am and 12pm once it’s revealed by the volunteer, no exceptions.  The extra discount does not apply to New Kitchen Cabinets.
  • ReStore Gift Cards have no expiration date.


  • Our Location:

    637 Lancaster Street (Route 117)    |    Leominster, MA 01453    |    978.227.5556